South Pole Station enters LAGI 2012

In a collaboration with Martin Malthe Borch [] (cand. biotecnology) and Johan Andersen-Ranberg (PHD, Institut for Plantebiologi og Bioteknologi/Plantebiokemi), SPSers Anders Krogdal, Sune Rieper and Jakob Ingemansson, is currently working towards a proposal for an algae based energy infrastructure on Staten Island NYC.
Prototyping happens mainly in Bageriet (The Bakery, Burmeistersgade 10, Copenhagen), where curious people are always made welcome Deadline: June 30th.

In partnership with New York City’s Department of Parks & Recreation, the 2012 Land Art Generator Initiative design competition is being held for a site within Freshkills Park (the former Fresh Kills Landfill) in New York City.
LAGI 2012 is an ideas competition to design a site-specific public artwork that also functions as clean energy infrastructure for New York City.

”What is needed in order to bridge the gap, between the larger desire for a renewable future and the community level negative reactions to the application of the systems required for it, is an artistic movement that can set a course towards developing stronger aesthetic considerations in sustainable infrastructure”
(The Landart Generator Initiative)

Land Art Generator Initiative, Freshkills Park 2012

Subterranean Danknes and synthetic matter

Ground water rising in the Glasgow subway causing significantly aesthetic corrosion of iron.

A Synthetics Journey to the Center of the Earth

Geographical determinism: Cowcaddens SPT

A postcard finally sent

It's a tough job to keep up with the logistics while finishing a diploma project, I've realized. Today I found this postcard, supposed to be sent months ago. It's a snapshot from my light + H2O-lab video session in the beginning of march 2011. Even though it's not so long ago, it actually feels like ages. There has been a lot of water under the table since, so to say.

Those dark winter days and nights in and around the workshop/mock-up space at the school was sure challenging, demanding both discipline and play, physical strenght and mental clairvoyance. Looking back on it now, I think that's where the foundation of my diploma project was solidified, and it sure was a substantial platform of raw concrete to both build upon, but also an anchor to hold on to while going through storms.

However, right now the same very models are actually back in the mock-up space, after a few months of drifting around in the schoool, waiting to be exhibited in the exhibition space nearby in a few days.

I'm looking forward to catch up with you people at the SPS soon again. I DO want to sit around a table with you before the world goes bananas.

Best Regards,